Color Design brings the BLING for your commercial properties!

Color Design Development Group brings the BLING to your commercial propertis!  

It’s natural to feel a little frazzled with the hustle and bustle of shopping, wrapping, parties, and travel, but the essence of the holiday spirit remains ingrained in all of us.

The best part of the season is seeing everyone enjoy all of the amazing light displays and giant inflatable holiday characters. How we decorate our homes and businesses is as individual and unique as our personalities. Some choose elegant all-white lights…some choose fanciful multi-colors…some use a simple strand or two in a tree…while others…well, they take the Clark W. Griswold approach!


Is your building wearing a blue polyester leisure suit and white patent leather shoes???  What do your buildings or multi-family properties currently say to the community and passers-by? Are you attracting the tenants you want?

In other words, how people choose to decorate is an expression of style and diversity. It is also an attention grabber. (And, I bet you can guess where I am going with this.)  As a commercial property owner, you won’t have a holiday display out 52 weeks a year. But, with a well designed paint scheme coordinated with exterior lighting elements, stonework, and landscape, you can create an inviting presence both day and night all year round at your commercial investments.

JP Newman, a managing member of the former First Capital Funding and founder/CEO of Thrive, FP, was recently quoted by as saying, “The better we treat our communities and tenants, the more the tenants feel like family, and the more likely they’ll stay in our buildings.” And everyone knows reliable, long-term tenants increase your bottom-line as an owner/investor.

We understand that attracting long term, exceptional, tenants is your ultimate goal.  Work with our network of experts in painting, lighting and landscape or add us to your current vendor list.

Color Design LLC delivers… and the end results are second to none!

 Happy Holidays from Color Design Development Group!

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