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What an incredible two weeks! The National MultiFamily Housing Council Annual Meeting in Boca Raton, FL was all that I expected to be ~ informative and fun, and an opportunity to acquire new contacts and say hello to many colleagues. I’ve since visited four states to work on new projects with a brief stop home to celebrate my birthday with family and friends. Did I already say incredible?


While in Florida, I thought a lot about the business of branding, and how it applies to our work at Color Design LLC. The genius of great brands comes in the subtle “something” that makes consumers think of the company even when the obvious is missing.


Take Pepsi or McDonalds. It is not just the name. Or the logo. Logos may even change a bit many times over the years. Powerful brands like these have carefully crafted brand “elements” used repetitively in everything they do.


Critical design elements include supporting imagery, taglines, fonts, location design, and of course…COLOR! Often all you need to see is a signature color combination, and a particular company immediately comes to mind.


In other words, a color palette that supports your brand is one of the defining aspects of a successful brand. Without it, you cannot create all the other elements.


In a recent article, Rick John, President of SIOR Inland Empire/Orange County Chapter, says, “In 2014, a majority of the opportunities for transactions will be existing building renovations and value-add by entitlement. We are at the point where we will be seeing more antiquated buildings raised and rebuilt. Modification of buildings that create hip, fun work places for associates will be on the rise.”  This concept clearly carries over into multi-family housing. Individuals who want hip, fun work places also want hip, fun places to call home.


If you are a commercial investor and property owner moving with this renovation trend, take the opportunity to build your brand while you build your bottom-line. Don’t be another beige building on the block. Be unique! Create a brand that separates you from the rest with exterior architectural design that lets customers know who are and what you offer by creating an image that lives in customers’ hearts and minds.


Your properties are part of your brand. They should convey the values, character, and essence of your company. Color Design LLC can help you become the neighborhood standout, and soon enough, you’ll be the talk of the town.


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