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Viva Color in Las Vegas!!!

Welcome-To-Las-Vegas-Nevada-Hd-Wallpapers It’s always a colorful day at CDDG but today we all have a bit extra spring in our step as seven of us pack our bags to head to Las Vegas tomorrow for the 2015 NAA Education Conference...
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Commercial Multifamily Exterior Color Design

Color Design AZ Ad-3o Color Design Development Group is the premier choice for exterior design for your commercial and multi-family properties. Kimberly Laten, President and Lead Designer, has more than 15 years experience as an accomplished architectural color consultant. She has colorized over 425,000 multi-family...
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Could you earn more by coloring more?

New project in Phoenix, AZ New project in Phoenix, AZ

In my last blog post I asked the question Could you earn more by coloring more? This month I want to give you some real life examples...

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COLOR – An investment not an expense

thumbs_sperry-van-ness-after thumbs_sperry-van-ness-beforeColor impacts learning. Color impacts mood. Color impacts buying decisions. Color impacts life. Color impacts your commercial property’s profitability. There’s good reason to look at exterior color as an investment not...
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2014 NMHC Annual Meeting in Boca Raton, FL – interviewed by

Good afternoon,   Welcome to the National Multifamily Housing Council Annual Meeting here at the Boca Raton Resort and Club. I am speaking today with Kimberly Laten, Founder and Managing Partner of Color Design Development Group, LLC ("CDDG"). Kimberly runs a fascinating business that truly benefits every owner and property...
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